Prior to the current June Bug, our 41' Ricky Scarborough Express, we fished a 31' Bertram Bahia Mar with the same name.  She was a twin gas big block with a tower and a cuddy cabin.

That boat was bought in 1984 from a fisherman, Capt. Ray Brodeur, in New Bedford, MA, who specialized in successfully harpooning Swordfish in the area of Buzzards Bay and Martha's Vineyard.  Capt. Brodeur, with his brothers, owned and operated Brodeur Machine Company, a fabrication firm in New Bedford.  The Bertam at that time had a 10' stainless steel pulpit that allowed the harpooner to get out and above the targeted Giant Tuna or Swordfish.  The Brodeur firm had also buiuot a very stable and sturdy aluminum tower.  The only problem with the tower was that they had tried to have the aluminum tubing powder coated and it certainly did not hold up.  But the design made a very stable platform.

Here's a video from the days of the June Bug when Capt. Raymond Brodeur fished her from Mattapoisett, MA out into the seas between there and Nanticket.  We were told that Capt. Ray spent his days on the tower looking for Swordys but that his crew spent their days taste testing various wine varieties.  Oe of Capt. Ray's crew did say that they had an elevator device, ropes and pulleys, where certain containers, generally looking like large cups could be sent up to the tower for Capt. Ray as he would request.  Perhaps some Brandy or Cognac were also being tested  We did know that Capt. Brodeaur's home acreage included a sizable vineyard so he had the stock to develop many options.   During the purchase discussions, we were never offered a taste of any of Capt. Brodeur's creations.

We do know that after we bought June Bug that we found a very sizable wine bottle rack system down in the cabin taking up a ton of cabinet space that could have been put to far better use storing fishing tackle.

Here're the vintage videos of a boat similar to the 31' Bertram June Bug landing large Bluefin Tuna:

Landing a Giant Bluefin Tuna

Here's the vintage video of a team harpooning a Swordy on a boat similar to the 31' Bertram June Bug:

Nailing That Swordy!  and   Another Big Swordy!   and yet another BIG Swordy!  Yet Another BIG Swordy!



Not an easy life (ha-ha) but the catches were worth it in both Swordfish and Giant Tuna.


We will have a great, safe new Little Egg Inlet for 2018.  Let's go




Capt. Lindsay Fuller


June Bug Sportfishing


Beach Haven, NJ




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