10/20/2017 Fishing May Be Changing For The Better!


Everyone is asking ... "Where are the Bass?"  The answer may be that the devils are sneaking into the area but not using normal patterns.  Bass between 20# and 40# have been caught in the Bays at night arounbd docks that are well lit.  We have found days where there are tons of bunker pods and other days, such as this morning, where we found no bunker pods within 3 or 4 miles of the beach all the way to Barnegat Light. 

However, I did speak to several other boats from Barnegat Light who found large pods of bunker and equally large schools of Slammer Blues under thenm between 4.5 and 6 miles offshore of Brant Beach.  So the fish are moving far and fast.

We have a crew to go test fish that area, and a little more offshore, to see what we find.  You can't keep Bass caught beyond 3 miles but we are perfectly willing to take pictures and to then toss, make that "slide," them back into the water

About an hour ago I sat in my Suburban on the Nelson Avenue Beach Entrance and saw quite a few bunker pods right outside the surfline.  We have planned a friend fishing trip on Saturday since we do not have a charter and plan to check all areas between Beach Haven and Surf City carwefully out to about 10 miles.  We know, we know.  Stripers are closed in Federal Waters but that does not mean that you can't fish there.  We are looking for Blues and Bait in quantity since Stripers are seldom far behind.  Should we catch a Bass, it will be carefully returned to the ocean.

The results of tomorrow's exploratory trip will be reported.

I believe that the Striper Season will pop open here shortly.  When it does, if you do not have dates booked to go Striper Fishing, you may not be able to find available dates that fit your schedule.  Think about that.  You may wish to book a couple of dates just to have them under your control.  If we have availablity, we can change dates if different dates would work better for you at that time.



Capt. Lindsay Fuller


June Bug Sportfishing


Beach Haven, NJ




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