An Ocean Full of Tiny Guys!


Last Saturday we did not have a charter but wanted to go out and tug on a few ourselves.  Mate Doug, his father, Dave, and I left the dock aroun 7:30.  Sea conditions were decent.  The sun was out full, there was little wind and itr was a glorious day on the ocean.  So we were really surprised with the fishing.

The fish finder was showing large splotches of bait, much of which we figured were Bunker.  But we were fishing lure of different sizes and were only getting strikes on the littlest Clark Spoons that we were pulling.  Of course, with spoons you can't pump and reel or you will lose whatever it is you have on the hook.  You have to simply reel without pumping the rod.  Once Doug and Dave learned the routine we started to land what we caught.  They were pretty little.

We caught Bluefish that measured between 6" and 10" long.  These little critters came quipped with a set of teeth that they knew how to use.  Frankly, to eat, I only like small Blues anyway and Doug and Dave don't like to eat them at all.  So I got the fillets when we returned to the dock.

Those got pan broiled in a little garlic butter and made a VERY FINE dinner.

There are a lot of False Albacore and Atlantic Bonita around but we did not get any of those today.  Normally, they climb on the small Clark Spoons like we were pulling.  They should stay around for a few more weeks and are certainly fun to catch on light tackle.  The Bonitas are also great to eat.  

The Albies are good to give to people you really do not like.  They are ultra oily and metallic tasting.  I will say that all of my Labrador Retrievers have been first in line though when we are cleaning the red meat Albies.  They all love the sushi and go crazy if we cook a little in a pan for their dinners.  They sit right near the range while the cooking takers place.  Be careful and pick through to check for bones.  They all get really fishy breath after a dinner like that though.


Capt. Lindsay Fuller


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