07/24/2017 Inshore Trip With Gerda's Boys


Gerda's boyfriend likes to fish.  So what better birthday present could she arrange for him other than a June Bug Inshore Charter?  It was booked as a Half-Day 8-Hour Charter with the understanding that they could extend to a Full Day Trip if the boys wanted to.

We left the dock promptly and headed for Little Egg Reef.  There were very few boats on the water even though this was a Monday, a normally slow day.  We went off into a headsea from the SouthEast and the swells were punctuated with a 2' to 4', or a bit more, of chop on top.  Not the greatest day to drift.

We found some excellent structure and started a test drift and, to our surprise, that boat was pretty stable without the dreaded snap roll you can get in that kind of sea condition.

The boys did pretty well for themselves catching different species but none of them were of keeper size.  Some of the Sea Bass were 4" long.

Around 10:30 the wind shifted and built so I suggested to the party that we run back inside the Inlet and drift there.  We did that and were glad that we did.  The weather in the ocean built and built.  But drifting inside the Inlet put us on some keeper Fluke.  If I recall the count, we had a dozen throw backs but 3 nice Fluke keepers.

The next morning though had its problems.  I woke up with a serious feeling of weakness and was quite woozy.  We could not run Tuesday's charter and I ended up first in SOCH and then in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  It turned out to be a case of double overmedication.  Two doctors had overprescribed for two issues and my glucose was diving as low as 40.  That's not good but the docs quickly figured out what the problem was then spent several days adjusting medications to get everything straightened out.  I finally got home the morning of the 31st. but came home with the meds in proper order.

We also had to postpone last Friday's Canyon trip since I was in the Hospital still at that time.  We will get that trip rescheduled as soon as I get a few days in the office to take care of things that piled up while I was on "vacation."

We have lots of dates available between now and the end of October.  The Tuna bite is decent Offshore but not so for Billfish.  The Beach Haven White Marlin Tournament last week only released 3 Whites and caught no Blues.

Please keep in mind that we need time to prep for Offshore trips of any nature.  We can't handle an Offshore trip where the party books at 4 p.m. and we need to be ready to leave the dock around 11:30 p.m.  We need a full lay day to prep the tackle, rig baits, etc. to properly run those Offshore trips.

So get your party to put some dates together when you are all available than give me a call to discuss.


Capt. Lindsay Fuller


June Bug Sportfishing

Beach Haven, NJ









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